Thank you for visiting my site. This is the first quilt ever made using the ABCD Technique. I came up with this method as a way to solve several problems other quilters would come to me about. I was a former math teacher who also taught quilting and was disappointed with existing patterns for various reasons.

These are just a few of the problems I have addressed with this new technique:

  • I bought a pattern but it is for a queen and I need it to be a king. I hate math…. Can you help? I know you were a math teacher. Smile, smile
  • I bought this pattern but the cutting will take forever – one of those “cut four rectangles 2.5 by 4.5, cut eight squares 4.5 by 6.5, ETC!!! By the time I am done cutting, I won’t even want to make the quilt! Why did I buy this?!?
  • I spent all this time making this quilt but I am not a color expert or artist and my blue fabric isn’t right :( Wish I wouldn’t have picked something with so many color choices.
  • Okay, so I’ve started the quilt but my colors are different than the pattern and I keep having to refer to my color chart. Grrr….

My book uses three fabrics cut into any size squares. The ABCD Blocks take three hours to make – all 32 blocks. Yes, you read that correctly. My directions are in white, gray and black to show value. There is NO set pattern so you can use the ABCD Blocks to make a variety of items such as table runners, bed quilts, purses, tree skirts, clothing, etc.

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5 Responses to Home

  1. Violet Withey says:

    I really enjoyed your demonstration yesterday at the Peoria Civic Center. I bought your book. When I got home I immediately read it from front to back. Now i am going to my stash to choose my fabric. Thank you for the urge to quilt again.

  2. Bruce and Sheila Vitulli says:

    We met you yesterday at the Quilt show in Spokane and my husband Bruce and you designed a beautiful quilt. My sister and I each bought a book for ourselves and one for each of our other two sisters. This is the most amazing book on quilting ever!
    Kim you are so smart and helpful. As soon as we make a quilt we will send you pictures. Bruce and I will make it together. You are a true Angel and we thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your book.
    God Bless you Always,
    Bruce and Sheila Vitulli
    Spokane, Washington

  3. Kim Fauth says:

    I appreciate your kind words. I never planned on writing a book – actually hated English class! I’m a math nerd through and through :)

  4. Kim Fauth says:

    I’m eager to see your finished quilt – maybe after the holidays???

  5. Karen Deitz says:

    Took your lap quilt class at the lake. Have finished two tops and would love to email you the photos.

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