ABCD Blocks

Most quilters begin their journey using squares for their first quilt. Maybe they branch out into triangles, learn some applique, take a few classes and perfect the dreaded Y Seam! Eventually the desire hits to create their own designs or quilts – if that is the case with you, this is the book you need.


  • Learn how to make the 32 ABCD blocks in about three hours
  • Learn how to use those blocks to create your own quilts

As you look through the gallery, you will see just some of the ways you can put the ABCD blocks together. What do the blocks look like, how are they made, and what makes them so special?

  • They look complicated because they have parallelograms and trapezoids in addition to triangles. Those shapes will give your quilts that added pizazz you’ve been looking for.
  • They are made in three steps by simply sewing on the diagonals and down the sides – if you can sew on a straight line you can make the blocks. The first step will yield 8 blocks. Step Two combines those blocks with more squares to yield 16 blocks. You guessed it – Step Three will take those 16 blocks and combine them with 16 squares to yield 32 blocks.
  • They can be made without any special rulers or templates.
  • They are simple to make, fun to create with, and play well with other blocks you already know how to make like half square triangles, four patch, etc.
  • They can be made any size so go ahead and make a rectangular queen size quilt or an on-point miniature quilt.  After all, YOU are the creator. No one will have a quilt exactly like yours.

One of the things you will notice when you look at the book is the use of value. Although color “sells”, it doesn’t help when directions are done in color. Because Kim self published, she was able to write the book with her students in mind. That said, you will see directions done in white, gray, and black. No little color conversion charts next to your machine!

She also increased the size of the font since the great majority of us wear glasses. You’re welcome!

Let’s check out some quilts in the Gallery.

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  1. Jeannine V Furtado says:

    Loved your lecture at the Chula Vista Quilt guild meeting last night! Love the technique and will have to try a few quilts with it 🙂

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