One of my favorite things to do is share this technique with others. I LOVE that “ahh-ha” moment! I am a teacher at heart…

Trunk Shows – $350

  1. One hour lecture with 20 quilts.
  2. Includes an explanation of the ABCD Technique & a breakdown of each quilt.
  3. Can be presented as a Power Point for large groups.
  4. Question and Answer time available at the end of the show.

Half Day Classes – $20 per person

  1. Four hour class.
  2. Students will learn to make the 32 blocks using the ABCD Quilting Technique.
  3. Brief design class using the blocks.
  4. Students will spend time designing their own quilt to finish at home.

Full Day Classes – $30 per person – minimum $450 for quilt guilds

  1. Six hour class with half hour break for lunch and free trunk show.
  2. Students will learn to make the 32 blocks used in the ABCD QUILTING BOOK.
  3. Students will design their own quilt in class and begin constructing a finished product.

*Transportation Expenses dependent upon distance of travel.

*I am willing to stay with a guild member.

Time to ORDER a Book to learn about this great technique. I also better find out more about the Teacher/AUTHOR.



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  1. Gayla Morrow says:

    I took your class at the Quilt Corner in Morton. Loved it. Would like you to give a workshop for my guild. I was wondering what your schedule looked like for May since that is when you will be back in the area again.

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