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  1. Deborah Neubauer says:

    I live in the New Braunfels TX area but don’t belong to the guild. I noticed though that you are coming to teach your quilting technique. I might be able to come, but if not can I learn easily from your book? The class doesn’t say if the cost includes your book either, so I don’t want to buy your book and then go to the class and discover that it is included. Also I have a very small group of quilters that I meet with at our library and wonder if I buy the book is there any reason I could not show them how to do your method? I try and present them with new quilt ideas about every 3 months. We have made a quilt for the library to auction off as a fund rasier and made a good amount of money and might do the same with your method.

  2. Kim Fauth says:

    You do not have to purchase the book to take the class but honestly, most people purchase it by the end of the class. You are welcome to show them the method once you understand it.

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