Thank you for choosing to order my book – you will not be disappointed! Please note the discount offered for purchasing more than one book. The second book is only $25.95 and the third book is only $23.95

If you would like to order more than three books, CONTACT ME and I will work up a special rate based upon the quantity you need. I would like to mention that I chose to have my book printed in the USA whereas most books are printed overseas. It cost a little more but I believe in supporting our economy.

If you are purchasing a book to be shipped Internationally, please check the proper shipping charge. I will ship overseas but it can cost anywhere from $20 – $30. My suggestion is to order more than one book so you can split the shipping charge.

I also will autograph your book if you send me an email and let me know who is the lucky recipient. I also have my book available in two options: a regular bound book OR a three hole punched book individually wrapped. If you would like the second option, PLEASE send me an email right away. Otherwise I will ship the regular book.

ABCD QUILTING: Buy One Book, Buy Two Books Save $2.00, Buy Three

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