Just a few pics from classes, shows and all the talented students! I take pictures at the end of class to prove to the skeptics that you really can make 32 blocks in 3 hours and design a quilt… I literally throw these up whenever I have a minute so formatting may not be the best! I’m a quilter not a web designer 🙂

*** For those of you who saw my demos in Corona and Havasu, the fabric line I used was Robert Kaufman Fusions #6644 and Fairy Frost 0376 Michael Miller. I had a wonderful time at both places and can’t wait to come back! Here are just a few of their designs. As you can see, the possibilities just continue.

My daughter Leah doesn’t sew and has never shown an interest in quilting. She graciously helped me out at the Lake Havasu Show. These are just a few of the quilts she came up with. She admitted afterwards that she had fun! Even bragged that she could identify an on-point quilt and now knew what half square triangle blocks were. Maybe there’s hope!!!

Tree Skirts for Christmas. Not sure which one I am going to go with. I’m leaning towards #1 or #3.

At a recent class in Corona, California: The quilt right after the lovely picture of me….The second quilt is just the same as the first one. After the blocks were laid out, I demonstrated spacing the blocks to give the look of sashing. Pretty amazing how different it looks. This is a great trick to do if you want to quickly make your quilt larger OR if you don’t like the colors you originally picked for your blocks.

Remember my girlfriend who was featured in the last page of the book? She surprised us all and finished her quilt despite doing her own thing. Happy Birthday to Me!!!  Also should mention Evelyn is the creator of the Sew Easy Finger Thing.






The red/pink/burgundy quilt is made up of six different fabrics. It started with 7″ squares and is a generous lap size quilt. I experimented quite a bit with the design on graph paper. The one on the left is the final project.

Fun times sewing up in Showlow, Arizona. Gail decided she wanted to make a Queen Size Quilt in one week. Yep, she succeeded. I think this is why people like this technique so much. You are free to use as many colors as you want, whatever size block you want, and however many sets of blocks you want. NO LIMITS!!!!

Sewing with children is so much fun.The 2nd quilt was made by a little girl with her Grandma’s help. Grandma’s is the one on the left. All made out of old jeans.






Eileen Goodman is a very talented watercolor artist. Her specialty is drawing on fabric just for quilters!  She was looking for an unusual border to add to her beautiful centerpiece. This is what she came up with after taking my class.



IMG_0453My sister Lynn was an integral part of testing and making improvements to my book. This is the quilt she made for her son’s wedding gift. If I remember right, she made six sets of blocks. I call it ABCD Obsessed! We are looking for an intervention program for her addiction…



Thank you for a wonderful time Palm Desert! If you have never stopped at Monica’s Quilt and Bead Shop then you are missing out.

So grateful to be able to teach in my home state of Illinois 🙂  My rounds took me from the Quad Cities to Chicago to Peoria and back.


LaHabra, California is a beautiful area close to where I have family. Of course I wanted to do their show so conned my husband into helping me. He had never seen me do “my schpeal” and kept telling me to sit down for awhile. I pretty much stand up and do a non-stop demo to show my technique. It is tiring but how else are you going to see all the possibilities??? The highlight of the show was when I had to go to the bathroom and talked Dan into watching my booth. Then I talked a gal into going over there to make him explain it. Bad move on my part as she bought the book and now he brags that he is One for One on sales. I’ve created a monster….